Health Care in Canada is the jurisdiction of the provinces and territories. Prince Edward Island is a small province with a population of about 156,000 people. There are two main hospitals, one in Charlottetown and one in Summerside. There are also various medical clinics across the Island. In order to access the health care system on PEI, you must have a PEI health card. All residents of PEI, including newcomers and international students are eligible for a health card.

Most medically necessary services are covered under the PEI provincial health care system. These include most physician and in-hospital services; home care; palliative care; long-term care; addiction services; mental health services and drug programs. Since PEI is a small province, some medical specialists and services are only available in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick or other provinces. Out-of-province health care services are covered if the treatment isn’t available on PEI. However, the cost of travel is not included.

There are many things not included with the PEI health care system such as; most prescription medications; eye exams and devices (glasses, contact lenses); medical appliances such as hearing aids, artificial limbs, crutches and wheelchairs. The cost of ambulance services are also usually not covered.

However, PEI does have a Pharmacare program that can offset the costs of prescription medication. Some services like audiology offer free hearing tests and cover the cost of hearing aids for children up to the age of 21. The province also offers a Diabetes program

The programs and services offered in-school for children include the Wellbeing Teams, autism services, and educational assistants for children with physical disabilities among others. For more information on the Wellbeing Teams: and for more information on the Public Schools Branch programs, please go here: PEI also offers a dental care program for children and other eligible people

PEI also offers clinics and services for disease prevention, women’s wellness like pregnancy and fertility, sexual health, mental health. You can find more information about the women’s wellness program here: Public Nursing also offers pregnancy and post-natal services, as well as immunization programs. PEI also offers mental health clinics. The Immigrant & Refugee Services Association also offers counselling for newcomers and their families.

Also, for new residents to PEI, once you receive your health card you can register in the Patient Registry Program in order to be connect with a physician or nurse practitioner. People who do not have a family doctor will also be given access to a virtual care platform, Maple.

With regards to Covid-19, PEI offers vaccinations at no cost. Also, people do not require a PEI health card to receive a Covid-19 vaccine. The vaccines are available at public health clinics and participating pharmacies For more information about Covid-19 testing and information please go here:


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