PEI PNP Business Impact Category Application Package

Tab 1 – Provincial Forms and Language

Tab 2 – Federal Forms

Tab 3- Identity Information

  • Birth Certificate
    • One from Principal Applicant
    • One from Spouse
  • Marriage Certificate (if any)
  • Divorce Certificate (if any)
  • Divorce Agreement (if any)
  • Death Certificate of Former Spouse (if any)
  • Proof of Close Family Member Living in PEI (if any)

Tab 4 – Children’s Information (if any)

  • Birth Certificate
  • Official Adoption Papers
  • Proof of Custody and Proof that he/she may be removed from the jurisdiction of the court
  • Proof of enrollment in PEI educational institution

Tab 5 – Travel Documents

  • Passport Photo and Information Page(s)
  • Status Documents for Country of Residence, if Different from Country of Citizenship
  • Correspondence and/or refusal Letters for Previous Applications for Immigration to Canada through Federal and/or Provincial programs

Tab 6 – Community Endorsement

  • Copy of Endorsement signed by PEI Community (if any)

Tab 7 – Education

  • Diploma/ Degree for highest level of education received
  • Transcript for highest level of education received, confirming satisfaction of program requirements
    • From Principal Applicant
    • From Spouse / Common-law Partner (if any)

Tab 8 – Employment

  • Detailed resume including (1) summary of company(s) worked for, (2) position(s) held and duties, (3) period of employment, and (4) breakdown of annual employment income
    • One from Principal Applicant
    • One from Spouse
  • Letters of Reference from previous employers supporting work experience claimed for the period where EOI points were claimed
    • From Principal Applicant
    • From Spouse
  • Organization Chart
  • Business Card
  • If you own a business:
    • Incorporation Documents (if applicable)
    • Documents Supporting Ownership of Company
    • Business License
    • Business Tax Records for the last 3 years
    • Audited Financial Statements for the last 3 years

Tab 9 – Net Worth

  • Narrative Including Timeline
  • Real-estate properties
    • Appraisal value reports
    • Land titles
    • Purchase agreements
  • Bank deposits
    • Bank statements for the last 6 months
  • Term deposits
    • Term deposit certificates
  • Stock/ other investments
    • Account statements for the last 6 months
  • Pension funds
    • The most recent statements showing the balance

Tab 10 – Business Concept

  • Executive Summary that Includes (1) summary of the proposed business concept and (2) how the experience ties into the proposal


Please ensure the document checklist, provincial forms and federal forms submitted must be the latest versions released by PEI Office of Immigration and IRCC respectively.

Unless otherwise specified, clear scanned copies of federal forms (IMM forms) and supporting documents are acceptable for the PEI PNP business application submission.  However, original copies of provincial forms (B forms) are required for the PEI PNP business application submission.

Upon the receipt of an Invitation to Apply (ITA), applicants nedd to submit a complete application package within 60 days.  Please follow the instructions of GB PEI to mail or courier the complete application package to our Charlottetown Office.

Name: Global Bridge Immigration Advisors PEI Inc.
Attn: Tracey Peters
Address: 97 Queen Street, Suite 600, Charlottetown, PE, Canada  C1A 4A9
Phone: 902-894-9728