The PEI Office of Immigration issued Invitation to Apply (ITA) to PEI PNP potential applicants on April 15, 2021.

Business Impact Category

16 business owners and senior managers received an ITA. The minimum score for an ITA was 75, which was slightly higher than the last round. We anticipate the low cut-off score will stay the same in the next round, but in order to be safe, we recommend your EOI score to be at around 80.

Labour Impact Category and Express Entry

The draw results for Labour Impact Category applicants have not been 140 skilled workers received an ITA. It is difficult to get an ITA without a job offer.

PEI PNP Invitation to Apply (ITA) May 2020 – April 2021

Applicants who receive an ITA must submit a complete PEI PNP application package to the PEI Office of Immigration within 60 days for processing.



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