The online store, iBox Educational Toys, by TJ Collectional Ltd is committed to success in more than one way. This store stocks toys at the perfect price point designed to help children learn and develop.

This client started iBox Educational Toys in January 2021. iBox Educational Toys was created when the client combined his experience in merchandising and product development management with the concept of learning through play. This business idea was readily accepted, and the client was issued a Work Permit Support Letter in February 2020, which took only one year since we registered his EOI profile. We helped him apply for a Work Permit and it was approved within one month! However, due to travel restrictions caused by Covid-19, the client and his family arrived on PEI in December 2020.

Play-based learning is a primary and integral mode for children to gather, assess and apply knowledge and skills. iBox sources toys to foster creative thinking, self-expression, scientific thinking, and problem-solving. At there are toys focused on arts and crafts, STEM and blocks. iBox toys will delight children as they discover, build and create.

This summer, iBox will also host festivals starting with July’s Solstice Ukulele Fest where children will decorate and learn how to play their own ukulele!

Check out what iBox has to offer:



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