Draws for the PEI business immigration program is like clockwork, happening every 3rd Thursday of the month unlike other provinces of Canada. This is obviously one advantage of applying for the program. You know when the province will draw applicants.

In 2022, PEI was the only province that had regular draws. Here are some statistics as to how many times other provinces invited business applicants this year:

Province Draws Invitations Issued
Nova Scotia 1 6
British Columbia 8 45
Ontario 3 84
Saskatchewan 6 325
Alberta Not available* Not available*

*Due to the low volume of applications

Now let’s look at how PEI did.

Date Cut-off score Invitations Issued
January 22 72 11
February 17 67 6
March 17 62 11
April 21 67 11
May 19 62 16
June 16 65 9
July 21 60 27
August 18 97 4
September 15 85 5
October 20 72 10
November 17 62 8
December 15 62 7

PEI invited a total of 125 applicants in 2022. It is the second largest number after Saskatchewan. In general, PEI is a destination than is slightly less desired by immigrants than Saskatchewan, which translates into a number of applicants the two provinces receive. 

As a result, Saskatchewan invited more applicants than PEI, but there is a much tougher competition to receive an invitation from Saskatchewan than PEI, which means you have to have high qualifications and invest more funds to be invited by Saskatchewan.

That being said, applicants who met the minimum requirements of the PEI business immigration program were able to secure their invitation in 2022.

Then, what do we think the program will look like in 2023? Basically no change. IRCC is currently focusing on reforming the Express Entry program, not business immigration programs, to cater the critical industries which are currently facing a huge labour shortage. 

We believe PEI will continue to invite applicants on monthly basis. Individuals whose EOI score is 65-70 should be strong candidates and receive an invitation. In addition, although we recommend applicants make an exploratory trip to PEI, it is not required as the province  is still holding virtual interviews. With all these, the PEI business immigration program will remain as one of the most attractive immigration options for investors in 2023.

Do you want to find out your eligibility for permanent residence through the PEI PNP Business Immigration program? Contact us for a free assessment!


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