Bright Stars Technology is an educational software company located in the Future Tech West building in O’Leary. The three-person Bright Stars Technology team is currently creating an app designed for people with special needs, which will be available in Fall, 2022.

This client, who has a background in social work, first applied for the Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program in March 2020. Due to delays caused by the ongoing global pandemic, she didn’t have her official interview until the following October. The PEI Office of Immigration issued her Work Permit Support Letter about two months later. This client received her Work Permit approval in May, 2021, and she arrived on PEI with her family in November, 2021. She officially started Bright Stars Technology in February 2022 and has been busy every since.

Since opening the doors of Bright Stars Technology last winter, this client has participated in two technology conferences on PEI and is busy networking in preparation for the launch of the app in Fall, 2022 while the software developer programs this educational app.

The app is designed for children and adults with developmental disabilities, including intellectual disabilities. It will have two main aspects, an educational zone and a game zone. Individuals will be able to use the app by themselves or with family members or caregivers. The app is designed to teach and reinforce life, work and communication skills. For example, people using the app will learn the steps to prepare a pot of coffee. That information is then reinforced in a variety of ways. In the game zone, there will be matching games, calculation games and other fun activities, which will help improve fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and memory. For more information please visit:


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