GEBECERT Technology Canada has brought blockchain and microchip technology to Prince Edward Island. GEBECERT offers this innovative technology helps fight against counterfeiting by offering many services to businesses to protect their brands.

Our client started the Canadian branch of GEBECERT Technology in December 2021, after delays in immigrating due to the global pandemic. This client first applied to the PEI Provincial Nominee Program: Business Impact Stream in late 2019, applied for a work permit the following spring, and finally arrived on PEI in September 2021. This client also presented at the recent IT conference Together We Ignite! and will soon participate in Collision, one of the world’s biggest tech conferences.

We live in a world full of counterfeit goods that pose a threat to public safety and result in revenue loss for companies. GEBECERT Technology Canada’s HF compatible encrypted microchips can be inserted into branded stickers and applied to products. The microchips add security for products, especially supplements, pharmaceuticals, and food, as the consumer can scan them with a smartphone to verify authenticity and see if it has been tampered with. For businesses, this technology also offers data collection for a variety of types of information about their products including the location of each scanned product.

In addition to anti-counterfeit protection for products, GEBECERT’s blockchain technology can also be applied to things such as vaccine passports by digitizing the information while protecting privacy.

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