GB PEI is excited to tell you that we have successfully assisted one of our PEI PNP business applicants to obtain extra 10 points in EOI under the community endorsement.
For confidentiality, the PEI PNP business applicant will be introduced as Mr. BC in this post.
Mr. BC visited Prince Edward Island from March 7 to March 10, 2018 with his business partner from Brazil.  Since this is an application submitted through GB PEI, we arranged three meetings for Mr. BC including (1) a general discussion with one of our lawyers, (2) a community endorsement meeting with a government representative from the City of Summerside, and (3) a community endrosement meeting with a government representative from the City of Charlottetown.
Mr. BC and his business partner has been manufacturing for the mining industry for many years.  After several discussions with our representatives, he confirmed his business concept of setting up an Import/Export Oriented company in the City of Charlottetown upon successful PEI PNP application.  PEI is perfect for his business as he sells to Europe, Canada, and the US.  The long-term plan is to expand the manufacturing line to PEI.  Mr. BC needs to fly frequently to attend industry trade shows in different countries, therefore, proximity to the Charlottetown Airport, the Island’s only commercial airport providing hassle-free travel to Islanders and visitors to PEI, is crucial.
The applicant, GB PEI representative and the City of Summerside representative had a nice meeting on March 8, 2018.  The applicant was happy to learn about the support that the City of Summerside is ready to provide.  The applicant, GB PEI representatives and the City of Charlottetown representative then had a nice meeting on March 9, 2018.  The applicant learned more about the capital city during the meeting.  The GB PEI representative analyzed and compared both cities in a follow up meeting.  The applicant finally decided to request a community endorsement from the City of Charlottetown.  As the first potential PEI PNP applicant that received a community endorsement from the City of Charlottetown, the community endorsement was confirmed on the same day of the meeting and the official document was issued on March 13, 2018.
There are multiple factors leading to the success of our applicant in obtaining the community endorsement:
  • Research on business and living environments of PEI and the endorsed community
  • Discussion with a GB PEI representative before and after meeting the government representatives
  • Thought of the proposed business sector
  • Preparation of the business concept
  • Good English skills
  • Strong business background and work experience
  • Outstanding education background
  • Authentic intention to set up a business and live in PEI
In order to obtain the community endorsement points, an applicant needs to have a discussion with the endorsed community in PEI to talk about the business concept.  We are now inviting potential applicants with over 80 points to visit PEI for the community endorsement.  Feel free to email if you have any question.
Note: All representatives and applicants must not contact any government officer directly.  All community endorsement meetings must be arranged by GB PEI.

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