Make PEI your own ‘food island’ by heading to the beach and digging your own clams to eat! If you like the sweet, briney flavour of shellfish, there’s nothing like fresh clams boiled in salty water.

Did you know the best places for clam-digging on PEI are generally on the south side of the Island? Some places better known for clam digging are Maximeville, Pinette, Victoria (Victoria-by-the-Sea) and Tea Hill. The best time to dig for clams is at low-tide. You can check the tide here:

Remember when you’re harvesting clams that you cannot take more than 100 clams, and the size can’t be smaller than about five centimeters (two inches).

The minimum lengths listed below must be met to keep the shellfish and they are valid for Eastern New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and the Gulf Nova Scotia:

Bar clams: 102 mm
Bay quahaugs: 50 mm
Soft-shell clams: 50 mm
Razor clams: no minimum length

Many people also go clam-digging at Beach Point, which is in the Eastern part of the Island. A PEI shellfish tip is to boil the clams in salty water as it will help them retain their flavour.

Do you have a clam-digging story you’d like to share? Please leave it in the comments below! 

Have fun on your shellfish adventure!


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